Tattoo Ozzy

Jason "Tattoo Ozzy" Norem  Is A Professional Tattoo Artist - Body Piercer - Laser Technician - and Owner of Tattitude Studios.  He Has 25+ Years of Tattoo Knowledge and Specializes In A Number Of Styles. He enjoys doing Custom Freehand Tattoos The Best. "It's the rawness of listing to your customer and laying out a few reference lines" Ozzy says "At the end of the process you end up with a beautiful tattoo your customer loves and no one can take that away, or duplicate it because there is no pattern that exists for it." 

You can see the reflection of that in his work, click here to check out his portfolio for yourself.

Surge Gibbs


Surge Gibbs Has 10+ Years as a professional Tattoo Artist and world Traveler.  He is both a talented side show performer and Gifted Tattoo Artist.  Mr. Gibbs has a very fun but professional bed side manner and leaves his clients with a Enjoyable  and memorable tattoo experience.  He Enjoys doing a large variety of tattoos and prides himself on his clean intricate line work  and great color theory. Surge his found ways to incorporate today's technology into his tattoo design ability and it shows in his work!